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Essays on what makes me who i am

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ap coursework amcas AMCAS has special designations for some courses. If applicable, assign one or more special course types by checking the corresponding check box. Advanced Placement (AP) To claim AP credit, the credit hours must be listed on your transcript. Essays On What I Am! AP courses should be entered under the term in which the bowling essay, college credit was initially granted. If no term is designated include with freshman coursework. Include AP credit courses only once (indicating AP under the Course Type heading), even though AP credit for the same subject may have been awarded by more than one institution. Essays I Am! AP courses can be assigned under the for excellence persuasive essay, institution awarding the most credit, but cannot be listed under all the institutions that may have awarded credit. If AP credits appear in i am one block on techniques the transcript, distribute the on what makes me who i am, credit equally among the bowling for columbine, AP exams taken.

University of Southern California awards 9 credits for 3 AP exams. On the official transcript this credit appears as 9 credits for AP exams, with no indication of on what makes, what each exam was. On the AMCAS application, enter each exam as an individual course and distribute the credit appropriately, not to exceed the total amount of credits earned. If the transcript from the college awarding AP credit does not list actual course names, enter the subject area for which credit has been earned (e.g., AP Credit: English) as the Course Name. If the following course types appear on your official transcript, they should be indicated as AP on short love the AMCAS application even if they technically are not Advanced Placement. Any course you attended without attempting to earn credit, either formally or informally. Essays On What Me Who! If you officially registered for essay can computer teachers the course, it is on what makes usually listed on a walk movie review essay the transcript with a special symbol or notation. No credit hours or AMCAS grade will be assigned. You can earn CLEP credit by passing an examination offered by the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or through USAFI/DANTES. To claim credit in the CLEP category, the credit hours must be listed on your transcript. Makes Me Who I Am! You can list your CLEP credit only essay can computer replace, once, even though credit may have been awarded by essays on what me who i am, more than one institution.

This transferred credit can be credited to the institution granting the most CLEP credit, but cannot be credited to all the schools that may have accepted the credit. Use this Course Type designation for for columbine techniques essay any courses you are currently taking or expect to makes me who i am, take before entering medical school. Listing these courses is especially important if you have not yet completed medical school prerequisites. No AMCAS grade will be assigned. A Case For Torture Essay! These entries are not binding or required, but are intended to give the on what makes, medical schools an a case essay indication of makes me who i am, what courses you expect to complete before matriculation.

Current/future courses do not have to appear on a transcript to be entered in coursework listing. AMCAS will not add, remove, or modify current/future courses after the essay can computer teachers, application is submitted. If this information changes, please contact your medical schools directly. If current/future grades are entered, but not listed on the official transcript at the time of verification, they will not be included in the AMCAS GPA. Essays! Likewise, if grades are not entered, at teachers, the time of on what me who i am, verification appear on writing persuasive essay the official transcript on file at AMCAS, they will be included in the AMCAS GPA. Any single course that officially takes more than one term to complete before the essays on what makes me who i am, final grade and credit hours are awarded (e.g., research, thesis, and types dissertation credits).

Deferred Grade coursework is not the same as Repeat, Incomplete, or sequential levels of a subject (e.g., Spanish I, Spanish II, etc.) with final grades awarded at each level. Make a separate entry for each term: · Use Deferred Grade for each entry for on what makes me who which there is no final grade. No AMCAS grade will be assigned. A Walk Movie Review Essay! · Do NOT use the Deferred Grade type for the entry that includes the final grade. Essays On What Makes Me Who I Am! Do NOT assign Exempt to courses for which credit was awarded . No credit hours or AMCAS grade will be assigned. Techniques Essay! If the essays me who, institution has granted credits, use Advanced Placement (AP) or CLEP. Any course that you were not required taking because you had: · Previously completed courses. · Passed a departmental exam. Any course attempted through an honors program or section.

A course is considered incomplete if the for columbine essay, work required for it was not completed within the appropriate time limit. If the Incomplete is unresolved, no AMCAS grade will be assigned; however, if the essays i am, Incomplete is resolved, an essay teachers AMCAS grade must be assigned. Select Incomplete even if: · A grade has been ultimately assigned, or. · There is no notation indicating incomplete on the official transcript. Many schools will assign an IF or F grade if the coursework is not completed within a given time limit. If attempted credit hours are listed on the official transcript or can be determined by AMCAS, this F will be included in your AMCAS GPA. International Baccalaureate (IB)

To claim IB credit, the credit hours must be listed on your transcript. Include IB credit courses only once (indicating IB under the Course Type heading), even though IB credit for the same subject may have been awarded by essays on what makes me who i am, more than one institution. IB courses can be assigned under the institution awarding the most credit, but cannot be listed under all the institutions that may have awarded credit. Essay Teachers! IB credit should be entered under the first term in which the college credit was initially granted. If no term is designated include with freshman coursework. If the essays makes, transcript from the college awarding IB credit does not list actual course names, enter the replace, subject area for makes which credit has been earned (e.g., IB Credit: English) as the Course Name. Any course attempted for which you received credit from the United States Military.

This course type should only appear for can computer courses in which a non-alpha grade was received. (i.e. Pass/Fail grades or credit awarded) Any course for which no final grade is available because of an administrative problem or delay at the school. On What Me Who! No AMCAS grade will be assigned. Pass/Fail courses are those that are attempted under a Pass/Fail system that allows no more than two passing grades and one failing grade (e.g., Credit/No Credit, Pass/Fail, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, High Pass/Pass/Fail, etc.). Essay Can Computer Replace! Pass/Fail courses attempted under a Pass/Fail system that allows three or more passing grades (e.g. High Pass/Pass/Low Pass/Fail) will be treated as a regular pass/fail course unless your school provides alpha letter grade conversion (e.g. A, B, C). Any course attempted more than once, unless the final grade initially received was Withdrawal or Incomplete. · A course entry must be made for each completed attempt of a repeated course, even if any mention of enrollment in makes the course has been removed from the transcript. · AMCAS includes all attempts of essay can computer, repeated courses in essays on what makes me who i am GPA calculations, even if they are not included in the school's GPA calculations.

· Do NOT select Repeat for for torture essay courses designed to on what makes i am, be repeated (e.g., Independent Study, Thesis, Chorus, etc). See Deferred Grade. · If your school has an movie review academic forgiveness policy and subsequently replaces the makes me who, original grade received with a special transcript symbol the original grade regardless of whether or not it appears on the Official Transcript must be entered on your AMCAS application. If the original grade is not entered AMCAS will return your application to you to enter the original grade. Please note that this may cause you to miss application deadlines and forfeit fees. · If you do not list all of your attempts in a given course, AMCAS will initiate an investigation. Any course from which you officially withdrew, regardless of bowling for columbine essay, whether you were passing or failing at the time. Such courses usually appear on the transcript as a W or equivalent symbol. · A course entry must be made even if the withdrawn course does not appear on the transcript. Makes Me Who I Am! · A course entry should NOT be made if the course was dropped within the normal drop/add period. · No credit hours or AMCAS grade will be assigned.

If you withdrew entirely from a school before completing courses for for torture a specific term, you must still list each course for which you were registered that term with Withdrawal as the Course Type. If the school does not issue transcripts for students who withdraw entirely, you must request that the essays me who, registrar's office forward an official letter with an essay can computer replace AMCAS Transcript Request Form attached indicating that no transcript is available because of institutional policies. The Transcript Request Form can be found in the Transcript Requests section of the application. If you have an official or administrative withdrawal, it will be included in the AMCAS GPA if your school included it in their GPA.

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HowTo Use rsync For Transferring Files Under Linux or UNIX. H ow do you install and use rsync to synchronize files and directories from one location (or one server) to another location? – A common question asked by new sys admin. So what is makes me who, unique about the rsync command? It can perform differential uploads and downloads (synchronization) of files across the network, transferring only data that has changed. The rsync remote-update protocol allows rsync to transfer just the differences between two sets of a walk movie essay, files across the on what me who i am network connection. Use any one of the following commands to install rsync. If you are using Debian or Ubuntu Linux, type the following command: # apt-get install rsync. $ sudo apt-get install rsync.

If you are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) / CentOS 4.x or older version, type the following command: RHEL / CentOS 5.x or newer (or Fedora Linux) user type the short essay on i love my mother following command: # yum install rsync. Since rsync does not provide any security while transferring data it is recommended that you use rsync over ssh session. This allows a secure remote connection. Now let us see some examples of rsync command. --delete : delete files that don’t exist on essays makes, sender (system) -v : Verbose (try -vv for more detailed information) -e ssh options : specify the ssh as remote shell -a : archive mode -r : recurse into directories -z : compress file data. Task : Copy file from a local computer to writing styles, a remote server. Copy file from /www/backup.tar.gz to a remote server called Please note that symbol. indicate the users home directory (/home/jerry). Task : Copy file from a remote server to a local computer.

Copy file /home/jerry/webroot.txt from a remote server to a local computer’s /tmp directory: Task: Synchronize a local directory with a remote directory. $ rsync -r -a -v -e ssh -l jerry --delete /local/webroot Task: Synchronize a remote directory with a local directory. $ rsync -r -a -v -e ssh -l jerry --delete /local/webroot. Task: Synchronize a local directory with a remote rsync server or vise-versa. $ rsync -r -a -v --delete rsync:// /home/cvs. $ rsync -r -a -v --delete /home/cvs rsync://

Task: Mirror a directory between my “old” and “new” web server/ftp. You can mirror a directory between my “old” ( and “new” web server with the command (assuming that ssh keys are set for password less authentication) $ rsync -zavrR --delete --links --rsh=ssh -l vivek /home/lighttpd. Other options – rdiff and rdiff-backup. The rdiff command uses the rsync algorithm. A utility called rdiff-backup has been created which is capable of maintaining a backup mirror of a file or directory over on what me who i am, the network, on another server. rdiff-backup stores incremental rdiff deltas with the a case backup, with which it is possible to on what me who, recreate any backup point.

Next time I will write about these utilities. Please note if you are using MS-Windows, try any one of the a case program: = Read rsync man page. The author is the creator of on what i am, nixCraft and a seasoned sysadmin and a trainer for the Linux operating system/Unix shell scripting. He has worked with global clients and in writing for excellence persuasive various industries, including IT, education, defense and on what makes space research, and the nonprofit sector. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Share this on (or read 63 comments/add one below): Your support makes a big difference: I have a small favor to ask.

More people are reading the nixCraft. Many of you block advertising which is your right, and my mother advertising revenues are not sufficient to essays on what me who i am, cover my operating costs. So you can see why I need to ask for types writing, your help. Essays On What Me Who I Am? The nixCraft, takes a lot of my time and hard work to produce. If everyone who reads nixCraft, who likes it, contributes to support it with donations: I have RSYNC running to copy files from a mapped linux server (through a windows PC running cwrsync) to a remote linux server. Everything works fine, but the permissions and ownership changes. I added this line: and that seems to work fine in ensuring I have chmod 0755 set for my folders and files. However, it keeps reverting my users:groups from myuser:nobody to essay can computer teachers, 400:401.

What is the code that I add to rsync to have it: a) Retain the existing ownerships, or. b) Force myuser:nobody for all files and essays makes folders? Oops. Second question. I’d like for to remember review essay, all directories to retain their original ownership and permissions (rather than forcing the on what makes me who i am chmod). The reason is because I’d like for most directories to be 0755, but need 0777 on some specific ones for types styles, a templating system and tiny_mc plug-in to work. How can i retain the original ownership and permissions? rather than having to go through and modify them one-by-one after the Rsync, or giving a blanket 0777 for everything? Regardless, I don’t know how to specify folder-specific privileges in rsync and would prefer to just have them remain the same as before the rsync.

owever, it keeps reverting my users:groups from myuser:nobody to on what, 400:401. You need to add myuser:nobody to your local server. I donaˆ™t know how to specify folder-specific privileges in love my mother rsync and on what makes me who would prefer to just have them remain the essay replace same as before the essays on what makes me who rsync. Make sure files are transferred in “archive” mode, which ensures that symbolic links, devices, attributes, permissions, ownerships, etc. are preserved in the transfer. rsync -avr src/path /dest/path2. Can you give a help about. I have some unix specific setup.

We have the following directories on p1cpe, and p2cpe: I need them to be available, and in sync to both systems. Movie Review? The originals should all be one p1cpe, so if you have to copy or do anything, those should be considered the essays makes me who i am source. The idea is, if a developer makes changes to files on p1cpe:/opt/Apps/StaticContent, I want it also available on p2cpe, without them having to modify it twice. All the work should be done as the bowling techniques essay user “webdude”. You should have sudo rights to webdude on p1cpe and p2cpe. Couls you please help me on that. I want to rsync 800Gb data over 4Mbps link. there are many folders which more than 100Gb, so it is keep failing rsync. i am using even –bwlimit also. i need some script which look into me who i am folders and rsync one by one folder instead of one 100Gb folder. does it make sense?

any kind of script shell or php? hi, i hope someone could help me. I need to a case for torture essay, synchronize files between two servers like every few minues, but i need to do it automatedly using crontab. My problem is I need to use SSH with a different port, so i need to on what makes i am, use the ssh n the rsync command line. Types Of Paper Styles? If i put the command line into cronjob, it will prompt for password rite? then it will erroneous. Essays On What Makes Me Who I Am? Please help how to solve, as in it will rsync successfully in to remember review essay cronjob. use `echo ‘your pw’ | rsync -e ssh ….` to automatically deliver the password to your rsync. You need to use password less login using ssh keys. hmm.. i found the answer here. I want to mirror our web server into a backup server. How can I use the rsync?

I see –delete in the command line above and I dont know why? I am also afraid to on what makes me who i am, run the rsync from the WRONG server putting useless files into our web server, so where do you run rsync from and what files do you copy to make a good mirror/backup server? This is for in case the to remember movie web server goes down we can bring this one up(back up) and use it until the other one is fixed. I have setup cert on both servers so ssh-ing is on what i am, no problem. Thank You Very Much!

I suggest you use rsnapshot tool, which uses rsync as backup tool. rsnapshot makes hourly, daily, weekly and essay monthly backup. You can restore from any point like hourly or weekly as per essays i am, your requirement. Thank You Very Much Vivek for of paper, quick response! I will try that. Isn’t the “r” redundant in the examples as it is implied by the “a” option? A look at the man page says that “a” is short for “rlptgoD”. how to do automatic backup using rsync. How to sync specific files (in this case *.dat) from multiple directories where directory name is different? For example, I’d like to copy/sync all server1:/dir1/1*/*.dat files to corresponding server2:/dir2/2*/*.dat files (where 1* directory names are 101,102.. Essays Makes Me Who? 199 and 2* are corresponding 201,202 .. 299 directories). Something like (calling rsync from server2): rsync -zrv server1:/dir1/1*/*.dat /dir2/ rsync -zrv --include=*.dat server1:/dir1/1 /dir2/

I’m trying to writing persuasive, set up a classroom, and on my server I have a folder with virtual machine images and config files that I need to distribute to 12 classroom computers. I need to essays on what me who, make a script that “anyone” can run, including teachers with little computer experience. The teacher has access to a case for torture, the server, and the plan is that he/she only needs to run one script on the server to update all the essays on what me who i am classroom computers. Of Paper? Is rsync the essays me who right tool? Yes, it is right tool to bowling for columbine techniques, push (from server) or pull files (from clients).

Hi Vivek. I need to essays me who, make a script to send files between local linux computers. Is the easiest way is using rsync? Or what is your recommend? Use rsync (sync update files only) or scp (one time copy) to copy files between local or remote LAN / WAN sites. I am having 2 Server. Short On I My Mother? 1 server contains Unix OS another Server contains Linux. I want to merge some data directories from linux PC to essays on what me who i am, Unix PC. both servers contains same named directories files.

So, i want to merge all directories file without using cp -ir command, because “cp -ir” command with overwrite existing same named directories files,which i don’t want. If Unix Server don’t have “rsync” installed linux server having rsync, is it possible to merge all data using rsync from a walk to remember movie review essay linux PC? try cp -ur command. -u, –update copy only essays makes i am, when the SOURCE file is newer than the destination file or when the can computer destination file is missing. make sure backup both directories before run any commands. i hope, this will help you.

Yes I want to become a download mirror for several large companies who require me to use rsync all I need to do is on what makes me who, copy files from their server to a directory in mine I need some help here please. i am using suse linux server and windows xp as client.I am having a network connection here.I need to transfer the database back file from the linux server to my windows xp client.please give some steps/command line arguments to transfer this. What about rsync to different port other than 22 ? We staringrting to switch from solaris to RedHat. Bowling For Columbine? I created RedHat intel machine for webserver. Essays Makes? For DocumentRoot I created directory /inet/elearning and with empty directory or with index.html (wich I transfer from short on i my mother sparc machine apache started and essays makes i am working but when I rsync all content from sparc I’m getting syntax error at start saying ‘DocumentRoot must be directory’. Types Writing? I see problem with directory format between solaris and makes me who redhat. I use rsync syntax: /usr/bin/rsync -avzp –delete -e /usr/bin/ssh [emailprotected]:inet/elearning /inet. Is any chance do reformat directory during transfer them or after? On solaris creation block is 512, on redhat probably 4096. Any clue help may help. I have some folder in the source machine in essay the format m_d_Y, now from the remote machine i need to pull only on what makes me who, last 30 days folders using rsync.

Both the source and destination are linux boxes. Any help is appreciated. Is there an option to synchronize/backup/copy files from one server to for torture essay, another every day at a certain time? Or better yet, does rsync provide on essays me who i am, the fly replication, meaning as sson as something changes on one server, the changes are replicated to a second server? No rsync is not real time server file system mirroring tool. It is perfect for to remember review, making backup and other purposes. You’ve two options here for failback mirroring use DRBD (distributed storage system for the Linux which is like RAID 1, except that it runs over a network between two servers) or use nfs / gfs2 / ofs2 with centralized storage for cluster. This was fantastic!

I have a couple of questions: 1.) Can it show the percentage completed for on what me who i am, each file on-screen? 2.) Is there a way to dump the results into a text file instead of a case for torture, on-screen? 3.) What happens if your SSH connection is accidentally terminated in essays i am mid-process? Does the process continue without you? 1) use -v attribute along with rsync command. rsync -varpgo /usr/local/nagios/contacts.cfg [emailprotected]: 2) We can redirect the output to for torture essay, another file adding this at i am the end of any command. EG: date file.txt. Thank you very much! This post along with your response on how to a case for torture essay, store results to a text file has been most useful!

I am using rsync under ubuntu on on what i am, my netbook to duplicate the contents of my /home to an SD-Card, by. rsync -av –delete /home/x/ /media/SD-Card/home.x.backup. Running this command, the program seems to do what it should. But when I repeat the same command immediately after, the whole lot happens again! I thought the program should be done immediately as not any changes have been made. What is wrong? (I don’t know if it plays a role how the hard disks are formatted.

The source is essay love my mother, ext4 while the makes me who i am SD-Card is FAT32 (or VFAT). Could it be an explanation that FAT can’t save the information on a case for torture essay, ownership (rights) so that on starting rsync a second time the program views all files as different and does the same job as before again?) I have one clearification on working of essays me who i am, rsyn. how data will transfor wheather bytes leval or block leval or file leval. Very helpful post.

Thanks. Lets say we wanted to copy all of the files under our local directory, “/usbdisk/” and place a copy on the machine “somemachine” under the remote directory “/backups/”. The name of the user on the remote machine is “dinesh”. A Walk To Remember? Notice we added the essays on what me who i am “-z” argument so all data will be compressed over the network. We could use the following line: I found this article very useful especially for beginners. I will try to types of paper writing, contribute as more as possible, so it would be helpful for others…

Very Nice Article… Can You please give more details about –delete option ? When Shall I use this option ? This is exactly what I am after. On What Me Who I Am? Haven’t set the second server up yet but will try this between centos5 and vista for now. Types Of Paper Writing Styles? I hope this is gonna be good enough to get rid of the useless Plesk backup tool. Next step will be to learn about load balancing so the 2 servers can be used simultaneously instead of the live/backup setup. This is a fantastic explanation of rSync and all it’s idiosyncrasies. I had been putting off syncing my sites across to another server, until I came across this. Previously, I just used LFTP (another great tool, but more difficult to on what me who i am, automate, or use with cron). How to to remember movie essay, use rsync with a username and password that is essays on what makes me who, supplied by the remote server ? I have a tar file which I need to short my mother, upload to a remote server. The remote server has provided me with IP address, a username and a password. How do I use rsync with the username and password to upload the file on remote server ??

I am doing a rsync between two servers. I have put the script in crontab file so that it runs automatically everyday at night. But the essays on what me who i am problem is for torture essay, that rsync stops once it encounters a large file. But, surprisingly, If I execute the i am same script from the CLI, it works perfectly right. Short Essay On I? Only, when it happens in the background via rsync, it gets stuck. Essays On What Me Who I Am? Please advise what could be the issue.

Do settings need to be changed somewhere. Thanks in love advance. i think you need -P option for resuming of file / folder … #128521; i have downloaded a file in one account and want to essays makes i am, copy the file to the other account in the same machine,i have tried to copy using scp and for torture cp command but without success,it keeps prompting for password.please help. I am pretty sure you have your directories round the wrong way in your examples about synchronize a local directory with a remote directory and vice versa! I am totally fresher in Unix, and on what me who i am I want to cut the techniques essay log files from server1 and paste them to server2.

I am very much confused on essays on what me who i am, the command part. Below are my understanding , Please suggest. 1.) Create public key through ” ssh-keygen -t rsa” 2.) Copy the public key to a walk to remember movie, Server2 – If yes, then where exactly I have to copy the key? 3.) write command in Server1 “scp -C $file Path$ [emailprotected]:/path$ – I want to cut the file from makes i am server1, what is the exact command for that? – from where I can get the essay teachers info regarding “public_key_username” as you used it in SSH example. 4.) You must have SSH running on Server2 to on what i am, make this work. 5.) write cron job to a walk movie, make it automatic. Require guidance on essays makes me who i am, same.

Thanks in advance. Can anyone assure me that the rsync –delete –delete-after parameter deletes files. only on the DESTINATION (target) that NO file deletion occurs on the SOURCE? I am copying a 2gb single file over 2MB link, If copy is a walk review, fail and makes I want to start the copy again from where it left then what is the option I need. Thank you thank you thank you #128512; keep this alive. which protocol version rsync support ? Hi Vivek, Friends, Is there any way to exclude any directory from sync at either end ? How it is better than unison ? thanks. that was helpful. I am trying to on i love my mother, use r sync to sync up files between 4 servers . Makes? The issue is writing persuasive, all the servers would be master servers and files can come on any of the server at essays on what anytime . Can i use rsync in this case ? what i am scacred of is a case for torture, what if the file tranfer is still going through one server and makes me who i am another file in the same time comes on that server . Thanks so much for for columbine essay, this intro. I’ve been meaning to start using rsync for makes i am, ages, this got me straight in.

i have rsync errror in essay my downloading system.the network ip address is to essays on what makes i am, be changed. so how to bowling for columbine techniques, configure new static ip address in rsync. I’m not sure if I’m simply misreading the on what makes “Task” titles, but it seems you’ve got the a case “Synchronize a local directory with a remote directory” and essays on what me who “Synchronize a remote directory with a local directory” mixed up. To say “Synchronize X with Y” implies X is the destination and Y is the source; X is the thing being acted upon, Y is what is being used to act. However, this is definitely NOT what is shown in types writing the example command. Rsync’s first directory argument is the source, the essays second argument is the destination. I would like to do a schedule backup using cron job in love my mother Ubuntu. If I use “rsync -ave ssh [emailprotected]_ip:/var/mail/ /tmp/backup_location/”, it will need to enter remote host password. So how can I use above command accompanied by remote host password. Thank you for your help. Hi!

Did you find how to do it? Have to essays on what makes, do exactly the same. I think you must change these with each other: Task: Synchronize a local directory with a remote directory. $ rsync -r -a -v -e “ssh -l jerry” –delete /local/webroot Task: Synchronize a remote directory with a local directory. $ rsync -r -a -v -e “ssh -l jerry” –delete /local/webroot. the format is rsync source dest. You can remove spaces, replace spaces with underscore, Uppercase/lowercase filename, add a prefix/suffix, remove/replace strings and also catalog files by essay adding an incremental number to the file name.

In my scenario i want to take back up through rsync only changed files in remote system. lets say in my 1st system my folder is pasha and in my 2nd system folder is kalyan , when i synchronise both the on what me who folders i get complete backup , Then i added some files in pasha and again synchronise with the remote system kalyan. At this time i need only changed file in persuasive essay a separate folder in remote system kalyan.

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Tip Sheet: An Admissions Dean Offers Advice on Writing a College Essay. Periodically, in a feature called “Tip Sheet,” The Choice will post short items by admissions officers, guidance counselors and others to essays on what, help applicants and their families better understand aspects of the admissions process. As an inaugural post in my mother this series, Martha C. Merrill, the dean of admission and financial aid of Connecticut College, and essays, a graduate of the class of 1984, encourages incoming high school seniors to begin contemplating their college essays this summer. For Torture Essay. She also offers perspective on what she looks for in an on what makes me who i am applicant’s essay. Prospective students will often ask me if a good essay will really get them accepted. For Torture Essay. The truth is on what makes me who i am that while no essay will make an unqualified student acceptable, a good essay can help a qualified applicant stand out from the competition. A good essay just might be what turns a “maybe” into essay my mother, a “yes.” The college application process takes time, preparation and creativity, which is a lot for any active senior to makes me who, handle. Summer, however, typically offers about 10 weeks free of classes and homework and many of the essay on i love my mother other stresses that come with high school. The pressure of the essays i am looming college application deadline is still months away, which allows students the freedom to play around with different ideas, test different angles and solicit feedback from friends and family. Another reason to on i my mother, focus your summer energy on crafting a quality essay: at this point in the admission process, it is one of the few things you can still control.

This is makes me who your chance to show us what you are capable of when you have time to think, prepare, rewrite and bowling for columbine essay, polish. While there is no magic formula for the perfect admission essay, there are a few things prospective college students should know. Here are my Top Ten tips: Write about yourself . A great history paper on the Civil War might be very well written, but it doesn’t tell me anything about the writer. Makes. Regardless of the topic, make sure you shine through your essay. Essay. Use your own voice . I can tell the difference between the voice of a 40-year-old and essays on what me who i am, a high school senior. Focus on one aspect of yourself . If you try to cover too many topics in your essay, you’ll end up with a resume of activities and attributes that doesn’t tell me as much about you as an in-depth look at one project or passion. Be genuine . Essay My Mother. Don’t try to impress me, because I’ve heard it all.

Just tell me what is essays on what makes me who important to you. Consider a mundane topic . Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make the best essays. Some of my favorites have included essays that reflect on the daily subway ride to school, or what the family goldfish observed from the fishbowl perched on writing for excellence the family kitchen table. It doesn’t have to essays makes me who i am, be a life-changing event to be interesting and informative. Don’t rely on “how to” books . Use them to get your creative juices flowing, but don’t adhere too rigidly to their formulas, and definitely don’t use their example topics. While there are always exceptions, the “what my room says about me” essay is on i love way overdone. Essays Makes. Share your opinions, but avoid anything too risky or controversial . Writing For Excellence Persuasive Essay. Your essay will be read by a diverse group of individuals from a wide range of essays me who, backgrounds, so try to essay, appeal to the broadest audience possible. Tell a good story . Show me why you are compassionate; don’t tell me you are. Show me that you have overcome great difficulty; don’t start your essay with “I have overcome great difficulties.” Don’t repeat what is already in on what makes your application . If you go to for excellence persuasive, a performing arts school and all of your extracurricular activities and makes me who, awards relate to dance, don’t write about how much you love dancing.

Tell me something I couldn’t know just from reading the other parts of your application. Finally, don’t forget about the supplements . The supplement questions are very important – you should plan to spend as much time on them as you do on essay can computer teachers your essay. A well-written essay won’t help if your supplement answers are sloppy and uninformative. If you’ve been through this process before — either as a practitioner, student or parent — and on what makes i am, would like to teachers, add, or respond, to on what, Ms. Merrill’s list, use the comment box below. If you’d like to short, propose a future subject for “Tip Sheet” — one you’d want to read, or perhaps even propose writing — please send a short email message to us at Comments are no longer being accepted. Another piece of advice is to have someone proofread your essay, but DO NOT have multiple people give you advice about the essay. It is easy to spot the student essays that have been “finished” or “edited” by essays on what makes, friends and writing essay, family.

And the worst essays are the ones that have been edited to meet the on what comments of multiple readers. As a faculty member who regularly catches students plagiarizing on class assignments, the application essay is a hint at that student’s future approach to writing assignments. I think you could do your readers a big favor by compiling a list of states that offer an early path to college. Here in essay love Texas, it’s called the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS). It’s a two-year program at the Univ. of North Texas in Denton for high school juniors #038; seniors; it has about 400 students total. Basically, the essays on what i am students take their first two years of college, and get credit for their last two years of high school. My wife and I have two children, both graduated from TAMS. Best thing is, the for columbine state covers tuition, fees, and essays on what makes i am, books; only cost to us was room #038; board and a program fee. check it out by googling “tams”. I have some PDFs I could email you, too, if you’re interested. Dripping Springs, TX.

All nicely said but if all this was true there would have been the huge numbers of essay coaches or books we have out today. Ask the entrants to any Ivy league school about types of paper, whether they used coaches or guides and you will get a different answer. it would be good to essays makes me who, start thinking about this college application essay… (still a year away) Ms. Merrill’s Top Ten tips are an excellent guideline for the college admissions essay. I’m currently a college sophmore and vividly recall going through this process. One additional tip I would add is keep it lite. I think college admissions panels are tired of reading about types, how you spent your summer wielding a hammer for Habitat for Humanity or ladling soup in a homeless shelter. Forget the essay – play a sport and be really, really good at it. If you are also a decent student that will be your ticket.

Trust me — athletes have a huge competitive advantage in essays i am the college admissions game. Can Computer. The admissions people won’t come right out and say it, they’ll say things like “We try for essays on what makes i am balance in every class”, but if Amherst doesn’t beat Williams, Yale doesn’t beat Harvard, etc. etc., they will get a lot of pressure. If the violin section is a little off one night, or the lead in the play is a bit weak, it won’t really matter. I’m not cynical, just realistic. I would avoid grammatical errors such as Martha’s “I can tell the a case difference between the voice of a 40-year-old and a high school senior” and Mary’s (reader 1) double error: “As a faculty member who regularly catches students plagiarizing on class assignments, the application essay is makes a hint at that student’s future approach to writing assignments.” I’m certain that Martha meant “I can tell the difference between the essay replace teachers voice of a 40-year-old and essays on what makes i am, that of a high school senior,” and that Mary meant “As a faculty member who regularly catches students plagiarizing on can computer class assignments, I note that the application essay is a hint at students’ future approaches to essays makes, writing assignments.” the best thing you can do is try out a lot of ideas. my english teacher senior year made us write a different personal essay every day for essay the first month of school. i never would have thought of my ultimately successful topic if i hadnt been for me who i am being forced to do so much writing. if you really feel you must start over the summer, try out for excellence, lots of ideas and dont commit. ask an english teacher or recent ivy grad for advice, your parents may not have the essays on what best sense of for torture, a relevant and not trite topic.

once you have your topic, draft and fine tune. Makes Me Who. i went through at least 40 full drafts. luckily my topic answered every essay question i came across. finally, i think the mundane topics advice is risky. Of Paper Writing Styles. true, you can have a very good essay on a mundane topic, but you also run the on what risk of sounding like everyone else and types styles, being trite. if you are writing about essays on what makes me who, your subway ride as a metaphor for can computer teachers your dreams in life, it had better be a really sparkling, innovative essay. These tips, while a good guide, are confusing. If some of the best essays she’s read include what your life is like from the essays makes me who POV of a goldfish on the kitchen table, then what’s wrong with a creative essay on what my room says about bowling for columbine techniques, me? That story can be equally as creative. As a 60-year-old graduate student who has also been a journalist for 11 years and recently published a book about my life, I believe in the power of personal story. Not all teens have found their “voices” yet, and so they try on others for size, so of course that will come through the essay.

But your voice is unique. It’s you. Don’t try to be anybody else. So… Keep it simple, be honest, use more verbs than nouns and avoid adjectives and adverbs as much as possible. Tell how an experience you had made you feel and what you learned from it. Describe what sets your heart on fire. As the essays on what makes i am parent of two college-aged sons, I could not agree with this advice more. A Case For Torture. One wrote about a challenge that he overcame and the other about being compassionate.

Both essays were about events that happened in their everyday school lives. Both were written in active voice and were little windows into essays me who i am, their characters. Writing Styles. Neither used the words challenge or compassionate. Essays Makes Me Who I Am. I am convinced that it was the essay my mother strength and sincerity of their essays that opened the on what makes i am doors at the top schools that said “Yes” to bowling for columbine, my sons. Essays On What. The essays were the differentiating factor in all the numbers that are part of an application. I encourage other parents to suggest that their kids just be themselves in their essays – small is good, generalities are boring, tell about something that makes you you. Oh, and read The Gatekeepers – – it offers the best insights into the college admissions process of a walk to remember movie essay, any of the dozens of essays me who i am, books I read on the topic. I wonder if, at the most competitive colleges/universities, anything makes a difference beyond sociology: My daughter is a National Merit Finalist (actually won a National Merit Scholarship at a school she chose not to attend), had an “unweighted” GPA over 3.9 at a walk review, a magnet International Baccalaureate program, had an SAT score of 2290 with an 800 in critical reading (only took it once), had three “5” scores on AP exams before her senior year and every SAT II over i am, 700. She was accepted at every small college she applied. Rejected at Harvard, Yale, wait-listed at Columbia (and then told there is no place) and at Duke….but then, 25 of 26 applicants from her (public) school were rejected from Yale…the one acceptance: a superb musician, triple-legacy, Presidential Scholar.

She IS an athlete, but not good enough to play at the schools that rejected her (and plans to essay can computer replace, at the small college she will attend). Oh…she’s upper middle class white (and competing in a major metropolitan area against many white legacy kids at me who i am, these top schools). “been through it” might think himself realistic for advising that everyone get ‘really really good’ at a sport, but being a non-sports person with a non-sports kid, our (IMO rather more sure-fire) resolution to this particular problem is – – apply only to technical colleges; they do not require essays. Tongue only partly in cheek… Not all Ivy League admits use coaches or guides- I didn’t. I took a risk in movie essay writing my application three years ago- I wrote a genuinely personal essay. On What Me Who I Am. It was frightening for me to writing persuasive, do bec it revealed things about my background that I wasn’t sure Harvard could handle. But it was a risk that paid off. So, my perspective is- take a risk, expose yourself, share why admission truly matters to you. Thank you, Ms.

Merrill. On What I Am. As a parent whose daughter is at the very very beginning of this process, I’d love to see more advice on the admissions process from you — please keep it coming! And thank you NYT for passing along practical, applicable information. Most college admission officers agree that a student’s character is the most difficult thing to measure on the application. A Walk To Remember Movie Review Essay. College essays are the place for students to reveal their personal stories in an authentic, engaging and sincere way . In addition to essays makes me who i am, what has already been mentioned, it’s important to read the essay prompts carefully and writing persuasive essay, understand the intent of the on what i am question. Jeannie Borin, M.Ed. Some advice that not every student would need, but could be helpful to short essay on i love, many: 1 – Don’t try to sound too “intellectual,” if that means stuffing the essays on what essay with high-brow vocabulary that you would never use in an ordinary conversation.

If you sound like you’re trying to impress the reader with this vocabulary, you probably are – negatively. 2 – If you were sweating and essay teachers, stewing with your essay, try another draft version in a “devil may care” frame of mind. That is, just write it quickly with whatever comes into essays on what makes i am, your head (on the topic) without caring if the essay is good and bad. Essay Teachers. Then let a trusted person compare the on what makes me who i am versions. Sometimes the latter turns out to have the better “flow,” and you can improve on that in the editing process. It’s a little cynical to suggest that all Ivy League admits use coaches and guides.

A friend currently at Yale was told by a college counselor that her essay was terrible (it read too much like a “story” and didn’t have a “message”), and she sent it anyway. I wrote my essay on my own and got into a school famous for its English program. Probably the best advice is to stay far away from “moral of the types writing story” lines. I’ve seen plenty of books that praise essays about the writers’ overcoming of obstacles, blah blah blah, with all their lines about “through my experience, I learned…” I would get pretty darn bored of that if I were an makes admissions officer. Neither of my children used a coach or had special classes. We checked the grammar and essay, spelling on their essays and let them focus on their interests in i am and out of school. One is at an Ivy one is at persuasive, a small, tier one school.

I expect the one going to the small school will get the better education. Some advice that not every student would need, but could be helpful to essays makes i am, many: 1 – Don’t try to sound too “intellectual,” if that means stuffing the essay with high-brow vocabulary that you would never use in an ordinary conversation. If you sound like you’re trying to impress the reader with this vocabulary, you probably are – negatively. 2 – If you were sweating and stewing with your essay, try another draft version in a “devil may care” frame of mind. That is, just write it quickly with whatever comes into types writing, your head (on the topic) without caring if the essay is good and bad. Then let a trusted person compare the makes me who versions.

Sometimes the latter turns out to have the better “flow,” and you can improve on that in the editing process. P.S. Short On I. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post! Barbara’s #2 is a great solution to any time one gets ‘writer’s block’. From Thank You notes to me who i am, funding proposals, it works. Also, the ‘trusted person’ who reads and edits the outcome of the “devil may care” effort can be oneself – but not until the next day. Read the essay to someone else.

Read it as if you are telling a story. You will hear what sounds clumsy, and short love, you will see if it captures attention. I suggest that a good deal of time and on what makes i am, money would be saved if admissions officers would simply put all those applicants who seem to a case for torture essay, meet standards for a college education into a lottery. That random choice is fair and is better than officers playing God as to makes me who, who is fit to adorn their insitution, My College Admissions Essays: 1. What work of writing persuasive essay, art, music, science, mathematics or literature has surprised, unsettled or challenged you? : A 64-slice CT scanner that the local hospital that I volunteered at essays on what makes, had just gotten. 2. What’s your favorite word and why?: Determination (Probably not the “best” choice but it really is and I think I showed it was genuine) 3. Choose any topic of can computer teachers, your choice: I wrote a descriptive essay of my trip to the Eiffel Tower and how I was blown away by the beauty and on what, grandeur of the structure. For Excellence Essay. And this was also an essay that I had used in an English class for makes me who a writing contest and my teacher had rated the paper as an A+ so hey, it was probably my best writing. Currently at the University of Virginia as a 3rd year student. Admissions does sometimes seem like a lottery…

And Doc? Does your daughter’s school mascot happen to for columbine techniques, be a rocket? I think I go to the same school, based on the information you gave. As someone who was admitted to some Ivy Leagues and waitlisted at some Ivy Leagues, and who played a sport but was not recruited, I must say that the essay was probably the key in helping me stand out from the thousands of on what makes me who i am, middle-class, white, suburban applicants. The essay is persuasive essay really one of the on what makes me who only aspects of the application in which you can show who you really are. Resumes are nice, but they show what you do–which is meaningless unless this provides insight into who you are and how your character’s been shaped by what you do. I’m sure many people would probably make blanket statements that are hard to understand…”don’t write about something too grandiose” “don’t write about something too mundane” “don’t make it too intellectual-sounding” “don’t make it sound like intellectualism is not a part of your life”–but the best advice I can give is figure out a writing style that works for for torture essay you, and run with it. If you look hard enough, you will find people in your life who know you well enough to give you tips on makes me who i am your writing style while staying true to yourself and making it genuine. A Case Essay. Take this advice with a grain of salt.

Consider it carefully and remember…colleges are not looking to accept your neighbor, or your English teacher, or your friend’s mom who works at a newspaper. They are looking for true insight into your character, and you should seize this opportunity to me who i am, reveal what it is that makes you who you are.

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24 unprofessional habits that could cost you a job. You may not realize it, but your bad habits could be costing you jobs. racorn/shutterstock. Finding a new job can be a nerve-racking experience. Essays On What Me Who! From crafting your ideal r©sum© to techniques, acing the essays makes interview, there are a lot of opportunities to screw things up. To help you avoid letting bad habits shine through at the worst moments, we asked experts to highlight some of the least professional behavior you could demonstrate that will almost certainly cost you a job. Here's what you could be doing that makes you look unprofessional in your job search: Your r©sum© is your first contact with HR or recruiters, Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, an etiquette and civility expert and the author of Don't Burp in movie review essay, the Boardroom, tells Business Insider. And typos, grammar mistakes, and formatting issues will land it in the no pile within a few seconds. If your r©sum© is sloppy, they'll assume you are, too, she says. Employers take note of candidates that are educated on on what me who i am the responsibilities of the types of paper writing styles job opening in question and on the company itself, Rosemary Haefner, chief human-resources officer for CareerBuilder, tells Business Insider. This demonstrates that you made the decision to essays on what, apply for the job after considering the facts, rather than out of desperation. Short On I Love! Trying too hard to garner attention.

If you want your r©sum© to stand out, for instance, let it be because of makes i am, its content and format, Randall says. Using colored paper, a multitude of to remember essay, fonts, or even including confetti with your r©sum© will attract attention, but not the right kind. As Lisa De Fazio, a healthy-lifestyle expert and registered dietitian, tells Business Insider, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Essays On What Me Who I Am! By the time you wake up you likely haven't eaten for essay my mother 10 or 12 hours, which is where breakfast got its name €” it means breaking the essays on what makes me who fast, De Fazio says. When blood-sugar levels are low, she explains, it's much harder to focus and you're more likely to feel tired, irritable, and bowling techniques impatient, all of essays on what makes me who, which make it impossible to do your best during an interview. Never smoke anything before a job interview, says Vicky Oliver, author of 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions. Of Paper Writing Styles! Your interviewer will smell it on you, she says. If she's a smoker, she may not mind, but most interviewers gave up the nicotine habit. Drinking before the interview is on what makes i am, also a bad idea. Essay On I My Mother! While alcohol can help calm nerves, it does so by dulling the senses, Oliver says, and you run the risk of essays on what, not sounding intelligent.

Water shortage or not, if there's one occasion you really want to for columbine techniques essay, shower for, it's a job interview. Do you want people focusing on the musty odor that surrounds you or your brilliant words? Randall asks. Lack of effort in your appearance can be construed as potentially lacking effort in essays, your work and work area. Frequent tardiness is a common bad habit, but do whatever you can to avoid showing up late to the interview. Types Of Paper Writing Styles! It will tell the hiring manager that you are irresponsible, aren't taking this process seriously, and on what me who don't respect their time. And this is not the first impression you want to make. For Torture Essay! Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

If you find yourself running way ahead of schedule, TopResume's career expert, Amanda Augustine, and Business Insider's director of talent, Stephanie Fogle, suggest killing time by ducking into a coffee shop or walking around the essays makes i am neighborhood. Why? Showing up too early isn't great, either. It can be frustrating for a walk to remember essay the hiring manager, as your early arrival could throw a curveball into essays on what makes i am, their schedule. It's a good idea to arrive a little early to your interview, but be careful not to let boredom get the writing for excellence best of you . Texting while you wait will make you look as if you would rather be elsewhere, Oliver says. Most waiting areas have magazines, Randall says, and if you see a company brochure, even better. Reading that will reflect your interest in essays on what me who i am, the company. Oliver says it's a good idea to pack a small grooming kit for a quick touch-up before an interview. Writing For Excellence! But rather than apply lipstick or brush your hair in the reception area, you should arrive a few minutes before the interview starts, duck into essays makes i am, the restroom, and complete your final grooming before the interview. Your portfolio and copies of your r©sum© are all you need to bring to your interview €” everything else is essay, superfluous.

Randall suggests leaving your latte or water bottle in the car and on what putting away your cell phone so you're free to shake hands. As they say, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Sloppy clothes scream 'I don't care!' and a walk movie essay are a surefire way to essays, put off those around you, Randall says. And dressing too formally for an interview can tell an employer that you didn't research the company culture and bowling you're not a fit. This is a terrible habit €” and it can be especially detrimental during a job search. Saying the essays makes wrong thing to the receptionist, for a walk to remember movie review essay instance, can crush your chances of landing a job. Receptionists are often the first set of eyes and ears a company has, and what you say to them will probably make its way back to hiring managers. Continually asking the on what receptionist if she is to remember essay, sure that your interviewer knows you're waiting for her out in the lobby may convey your neuroses, Oliver says. And flip comments like Hey, beautiful, aren't the compliments you may think they are. While I'm not promoting a formal, 'How do you do?'-style greeting, you might consider stepping it up a bit when you're introducing yourself to essays on what makes, the person who will be determining whether you get the a walk movie essay job or not, Randall says. Leading with Hey, what's up? probably won't make the best first impression.

If you doubt your abilities or see only the worst possible outcome, your interviewer might pick up on me who that negative energy, Haefner says. Similarly, it's important not to types, bad-mouth a former boss, coworker, or employee during any stage of the on what me who interview process, she says. Even if your former boss or organization is known for a walk to remember review essay its problems, a job interview is no time to express your anger. Essays I Am! Another bad attitude, arrogance, is often confused with confidence. Walk into the interview with a mix of to remember movie review essay, confidence and humility, smile, and show some enthusiasm, Randall says.

Asking questions is an important part of the interview process €” it shows you're engaged in the discussion and can help you determine if the essays makes i am job and company are a fit for you. But while questions like, What might I expect in types styles, a typical day? and How do you measure success? show you to be invested in makes me who i am, the opportunity, making certain requests before you even have the job makes you look more high-maintenance. Randall suggests steering clear of queries like, Can I sit by a window? It helps with my hourly meditation. Naturally, the purpose of an interview is to impress the company with your talent and skills, Randall says. But be aware of oversharing; they may learn more about you than they need to. To avoid oversharing, she suggests following a few simple rules: Keep it relevant. Leave your childhood out of it.

Don't insist on special favors or accommodations. And don't use the term deal breaker. Instead, listen and give the interviewer an opportunity to ask questions. It's understandable to be nervous during an bowling for columbine techniques, interview, but you want to make sure you give interviewers more to go on than one-word or rushed answers. Essays Me Who I Am! Interviews, which generally involve a lot of styles, talking about oneself, can be especially trying for shy people, and the unfortunate reality is that shyness is sometimes misconstrued as insecurity and even incompetence. In a previous Business Insider story, Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy suggested taking your time to answer a question, which shows that you're taking the other person seriously and conveys a sense of power. When someone asks you a question, she said, trust that they really want you to answer it thoughtfully.

So don't even be afraid to pause before you answer it. Reflect; don't jump right in. You may be really excited to essays on what me who, be interviewing with your top choice for employer, but blurting out a case for torture essay foul language is a surefire way to essays on what makes me who i am, cut the bowling techniques interview short. Swearing demonstrates to others that you aren't able to calmly and on what i am thoughtfully deal with a situation, Randall says. Using foul words or questionable language is not only a bad habit, but in most places of business, it's still considered unprofessional and can even land you in Human Resources for short essay love a little chat, Randall says. Essays On What I Am! It's rude to interrupt. When you do, it shows others that you don't have any respect, judgment, or patience, Randall says. While participation can earn you some brownie points, bad timing can wipe those points away. What you say in an interview is as important as how you say it, and bad body language takes away from your words, Haefner says. In a recent CareerBuilder survey, employers said that some of the essay biggest body-language mistakes job seekers make include failing to make eye contact, failing to smile, and bad posture. Essays On What Me Who! Nervous habits like jingling your keys, shaking your leg, and scratching your head can also be construed as boredom, Randall says.

Interviews are highly stressful, even for those doing the interviewing, Oliver says. Through your body language, try to convey how delighted you are to be given the a case essay opportunity to essays i am, compete for writing styles the amazing job. On What! In a recent CareerBuilder survey, 69% of employers said that catching a candidate lying about teachers something is an instant deal breaker, Haefner says. Lying or exaggerating during the hiring process can destroy your chances of ever being hired with that employer, she says. Essays! And because of extensive background checks and references that come into play before an offer is made, it's easier to be caught than you might think. Asking, How did I do? or Did I get the job? projects eagerness that bridges on desperation and neediness. It's one thing to writing, be excited about i am a job prospect, but you don't want to appear too hungry. What's more, these kinds of questions are just plain awkward, as they put the interviewer on the spot. You'd be better off following up about feedback after you are or aren't offered the job.

Oliver says wishing the job interview to essay replace, be over is the biggest mistake a candidate could make. Of course you want it to essays on what makes me who, be over, but while you're there in front of the interviewer, you must work to writing, stay mentally present, she says. Interviewers know when you are not there mentally. Your distraction during an interview translates as either inadvertent rudeness (you just don't come off as all that interested in the job) €” or unfocused answers ( you're not really answering the me who questions asked). As Business Insider managing editor Jessica Liebman writes, one of the a walk movie biggest mistakes you can make when competing for a new job is makes, not saying thank you after an for columbine techniques, interview. Whether we spent 30 minutes meeting in the offices, we Skyped because you're abroad for your junior spring semester, or we did a quick first-round phone interview, you should always follow up later that day or the following day to say thanks and reiterate your interest, Liebman says. A few things happen when you don't send a thank-you email. The hiring manager assumes you don't want the essays on what makes i am job. They think you're disorganized and forgot about types of paper following up. And there is a much higher chance they'll forget about you. SEE ALSO: 22 things that make you sound rude in a job interview.

DON'T MISS: 34 things you should remove from your r©sum© immediately. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru. 24 unprofessional habits that could cost you a job. Finding a new job can be a nerve-racking. Get the best of Business Insider delivered to your inbox every day.

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Digital Publishing Annotation Use Cases. This document is also available in essays on what makes me who i am this non-normative format: ePub. This document describes the to remember set of use cases generated for Annotation and Social Reading within the W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group, in coordination with the Open Annotation Community Group. This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. Other documents may supersede this document. A list of essays on what makes me who, current W3C publications and the latest revision of this technical report can be found in the W3C technical reports index at This document was published by the Digital Publishing Interest Group as an Interest Group Note. If you wish to make comments regarding this document, please send them to (subscribe, archives). All comments are welcome. Publication as an Interest Group Note does not imply endorsement by the W3C Membership. This is a draft document and types of paper styles may be updated, replaced or obsoleted by other documents at any time.

It is essays on what me who i am, inappropriate to cite this document as other than work in bowling techniques progress. The disclosure obligations of the Participants of this group are described in the charter. This section is non-normative. Annotation is a pervasive activity when reading or otherwise engaging with publications. In the physical world, highlighting and sticky notes are common paradigms for marking up and associating one's own content with the work being read, and many digital solutions exist in the same space. These digital solutions are, however, not interoperable between systems, even when there is only one user with multiple devices. This document lays out the essays makes me who i am use cases for annotations on digital publications, as envisioned by the W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group, the W3C Open Annotation Community Group and the International Digital Publishing Forum. The use cases are provided as a means to drive forwards the conversation about standards in this arena.

The use cases are divided into five sections: annotations that target only the entire publication, annotations that target a particular part of a publication, more complex annotations, the publication of types of paper writing styles, annotations and on what makes finally use cases that are directly related to accessibility. 2.1 Annotations Targeting the teachers Full Publication. A user wishes to write a comment about a particular publication, such as a single issue of a comic or a single book title. The comment is written in plain text or basic HTML, either on essays on what makes i am, the reading platform (such as a web browser or reading system, henceforth user agent) or in the content provider's platform. The user wishes other readers to be able to see the comment linked to the publication, and potentially before they purchase or download it, as well as afterwards. Anna is reading Alice in a walk movie review essay Wonderland online and, using a tool built into the provider's website, comments that she really loves the on what makes me who way the book is written. She then shares this with her friend, Ben. Ben is types of paper writing, reading a Manga comic on a mobile device. He comments that it is helping him to learn Japanese and publishes this comment for anyone to read online.

A user wishes to organize their personal digital library by tagging the publications that they have access to. Makes Me Who I Am! The tag could be either drawn from a list of terms (a taxonomy) or free text (sometimes called a folksonomy). User agents encountering such an annotation must be aware of the writing for excellence essay difference between a tag and makes a comment, even though both might be modeled as an annotation. Tags are typically rendered separately and very differently from short textual comments, such as in a tag cloud or list. The user then wishes to view their library partitioned via the tags. The user may wish to share their tags with other users to help the recipient categorize their own library, or find publications of mutual interest. Colleen has a collection of works of various types in of paper writing her library about chemistry, science fiction and the renaissance. She tags each work with what they are about, and whether she enjoyed reading them or not. David tags an online poem about on what makes me who his home town with the URI for the location from Wikipedia. He publishes this annotation so that others can find it.

2.1.3 Structured Review of a Publication. A user wishes to provide a structured review of types of paper, a particular publication, including pre-defined fields such as star ratings for quality, cost, entertainment or other domain-specific information. The review could also include a full text description, such as the comment in the first use case. Essays On What Makes Me Who! The definition of the fields would be retailer, publisher or domain-specific. A Walk To Remember! In the scholarly domain, this could be expected to provide a distributed and standardized peer-review system, rather than the current use of essays makes i am, vendor-specific interfaces.

In the commercial sector, it could help to standardize such features as product reviews across sites. Emily has read a textbook and a walk to remember provides a review of essays on what me who i am, it online to help her classmates and other students. She gives it ratings on value for money, ease of use, ease of understanding, and overall quality, plus a long form description of the work. Fabio is reviewing a scholarly article for on i love my mother an academic publisher. The publisher requires various fields to be completed, such as relevance to the journal, novelty of the essays i am research, and quality of the experiments described.

He also provides a discussion about the paper and how it relates to the field. 2.1.4 Textual Comment Maintained Separately from Annotation Document. A user wishes to link an existing web resource, such as a blog post, to writing, the particular publication that it is about. The comment could be any online resource, in any format. The user wishes other readers to essays on what makes, be able to see the resource linked to the publication, and potentially before they purchase or download it as well as afterwards. Gretchen uses a common blog hosting platform to write a comment about a work she has read for a book club, and then her user agent annotates the book with the link to short essay on i, the blog post. She then shares the essays on what annotation with the members of her book club. Harry has written a long blog post about the features of a digitized medieval manuscript. The manuscript is available via a dedicated website, and bowling essay he links the blog post to the website's publication via an annotation in a personal note taking system. 2.1.5 Comment and/or Publication are Multimedia Resources.

A user wishes to comment on an online resource by means of makes me who i am, recording a short video on her phone and uploading it either just the audio track, or the short essay my mother entire video stream. Essays I Am! The resource may also be of any format, including audio, video, image or any other data. For Torture Essay! The user wishes other consumers to be able to on what makes i am, view their video when interacting with the commented on resource. Ingrid uses a mobile device to take a video of herself discussing a work that she has just read for a book club. She posts the video to a commonly used video sharing platform, and essay can computer then her user agent annotates the book with the link to essays me who i am, the video. She then shares the annotation with the members of her book club. Jeremy has recorded a professor speaking about the features visible in an image of a map. The map is available via a dedicated website, and the professor hosts the audio recording of his lecture. Harry links the audio stream to the map for the benefit of other students.

2.1.6 Annotated Resource is an Annotation. A user wishes to reply to an existing annotation with her own comments in a threaded discussion. The existing annotation has been made and published by another user, using a different user agent. For Columbine Techniques Essay! The reply may also be a tag on the existing annotation in order to me who, add to a combined moderation score, to classify it under some agreed upon scheme, or to add keywords to aid in discovery. Karen replies to a comment on a news video to say that she agrees with the original commenter, and provides additional evidence towards the points discussed. Luis tags a comment in an online discussion forum that contains offensive material to aid the movie review moderators in keeping the essays on what i am discussion on topic and friendly. A user wishes to contribute their experience in the form of a comment, and wishes to remain known as the author of that content and annotation that links it to the publication. The annotation must record its provenance, including the user's identity, when and how the to remember review annotation was created, and for essays me who i am what purpose.

This provenance is short essay, important for appropriate display of the annotation, filtering or ordering of annotations, maintaining and assigning credit for annotations, determining allowed usage of the on what annotation, and many other similar requirements. Desirable metadata features: Creator's identity and information Creation time Creation tool Purpose of the annotation. Examples: tagging, describing, commenting, identifying, bookmarking, highlighting. Intended Audience. Note: This could based on any information known about the user, such as age, reading ability, accessibility requirements. To Remember! Category or Subject. Examples: Astronomy, Chemistry, Education, History, Technology, Sports Identity of essays on what i am, original Annotation of which the current one is a copy Licensing and/or Rights statements. Note that many of these features are desirable for can computer teachers the body and target resources as well. Madeleine annotates a short story that she has read for essays on what makes an online class, and submits the annotation into the coursework system. Writing For Excellence Essay! The system keeps track of her identity for credit towards the class, when it was created to ensure that her work was submitted on on what i am, time, the fact that it was created externally rather than within the coursework system, and other attributes.

Nigel discovers a typo in an online encyclopedia entry that is not able to be edited by users directly. He annotates the entry with the typo and writing for excellence persuasive gives the correction. The system records the provenance of the annotation and adds him into its reputation system, which generates an automatic scoreboard for on what users and articles. 2.1.8 Annotation has Multiple, Independent Comments and/or Tags. A user wishes to associate multiple resources at the same time with a publication, where the resources are independent of each other. The resources might be a comment and several tags added by the user to the publication at a case essay the same time. Alternatively, tags might be extracted from the comment's text by an automatic process and added to the annotation about the i am publication after the user agent confirms their relevance. Olivia exports her reviews from her user agent, which include both her comments and the tags assigned to the publication when she was doing the review.

Peter is reading a romance novel online and comments about the use of a particular character. The user agent proposes 3 semantic tags from the comment, of which he accepts two. These tags are added to the annotation along with the essay replace comment. 2.2 Annotations Targeting Specific Segments of Publications. 2.2.1 Bookmarking Current Reading Position.

A user wishes to have their user agent record the makes location they have read up to in the publication, either with a manual or automatic bookmark. This bookmark should be positioned at a particular point within the publication, such as a page or an offset within the character stream. Writing Essay! The placement of the bookmark might be automatic (the user agent always moves the essays makes bookmark as the user reads) or manual (the user moves the bookmark as they desire). When using the platform again, the user wishes to optionally start reading from the bookmarked position. The user also wishes to share this position with others to writing, show how far through the publication they have progressed. This might be publically shared for bragging rights, shared semi-publically such as a reading group or class, or shared privately between platforms that the user has access to in order to maintain the position between devices.

Qitarah is reading a fantasy book as she commutes to essays on what makes me who i am, work on writing, the train every day. On What Makes Me Who! When she closes her mobile device, her reading system automatically bookmarks where she was reading so she can resume from that position when she gets the train home in the evening. Rangi is studying for an exam and creates bookmarks in his textbooks and bowling techniques required reading documents at home. Me Who I Am! He also studies on replace, campus and needs access to those bookmarks from the school's computers. He does not want other students to see his bookmarks, as he is competitive and wants to be the top of the me who class. A user wishes to highlight a span of text in a publication for emphasis.

The exact nature of the presentation of that emphasis may or may not be important to maintain, this use case assumes that it is not. The emphasis might be to mark a passage of styles, particular importance, a typo or other mistake, something to cite in another document, to bring to the attention of other readers, or to mark two such selections for comparison. The user may wish to share the highlight, and certainly wishes it to be accessible on multiple platforms to essays makes i am, which she has access. Love! In this use case there is no requirement to provide a comment or body of the annotation, simply to record a highlighted span of essays on what makes me who i am, text. Siobhan is preparing to publish a newspaper article and is doing background research. She highlights various sections of other publications in order to later come back to them and decide if she should include them as quotes in the article or not. Thomas is proofreading his own term paper and highlights areas that he needs to work on. He does this on a mobile device, but later needs to see those highlights in his word processing software. A user wishes to make a comment about a particular span of text. This is the most intuitive use case for annotation of digital publications, and thus the area in which interoperability has the highest impact.

The comment is textual, but may have additional markup in HTML to provide style formatting, layout or linking. The Annotation should be sharable, as per the other use cases. Umeko works for the government and is researching a particular topic. Short Love! She highlights sections of text in various publications and on what makes makes personal notes about them. She then uses visualization software to pull all of the essay notes together to organize her research. Vladimir reads a news article online that he knows contains misinformation. He leaves a comment to this effect, associated with the part of the article that is not well founded. 2.2.4 Annotating Embedded Resources. A user wishes to makes i am, make a comment about a particular resource that is embedded as part of the for excellence persuasive essay publication, such as an image or video.

In the general case, the user would expect to somehow select the embedded resource and then launch the interface for essays i am adding comments in a walk movie review essay the same way as commenting on text. The embedded resource may be of any media type, but for me who this use case must be rendered directly as part of the publication. Whitney is reading a comic and comments on a particular image that it is much darker than the other cells in the publication. Short On I My Mother! Xavier is reading a white paper that includes an embedded dataset. He tags the dataset with a semantic URI identifying the essays on what subject matter of the dataset, which is different to the paper as a whole. 2.2.5 Annotating Parts of Embedded Resources. A user wishes to annotate a particular part of an embedded resource, such as a rectangular section of an image or a particular time range of an embedded video file. The annotation should be rendered using this information, rather than simply attached to the embedded resource itself. The embedded resource may be of any media type, but must be rendered by a case, the reading system.

Thus video, image, audio and similar are in scope for this use case, but not stylesheets or scripts which are not rendered directly. Annotations on audio files may present additional rendering challenges, compared to ones with a visual component. The user then wishes to share the annotation with others. The parts of resources to be annotated include: Character position in an embedded text or data stream Time position within an audio or video stream x/y points in an area such as an image or video x/y/z points in a volume such as a 3d object Character ranges within a text or data stream Time ranges within an audio or video stream Areas within an makes i am image, including rectangular, circular and polygonal areas Volumes within a 3d object.

Yadira is teaching a class on physics and for torture annotates part of an embedded video within the essays on what makes me who i am electronic textbook, delineating the time range that she wants to use as an example. She then shares this annotation, and others that are similar, before the class so her students can watch them. A Walk To Remember Movie Review Essay! Zahir is reading an essays makes me who i am online magazine about fashion and annotates part of one of the types of paper images that depicts a particular style he wishes to replicate in i am his own work. 2.2.6 Annotating Alt Text of persuasive essay, Embedded Resources. A user wishes to write a comment about a resource embedded within the publication, and to on what makes, associate it with alternate, accessible representations of that resource, such as the alt text/long desc provided. The comment may be only about part of the alternate representation, and thus segments of the alternate representation must be able to be selected. Types Styles! The alternate representation may or may not have its own URI or other identity; it may exist solely in an attribute of a particular HTML document. Ahmed is concious of accessibility and on what i am annotates the depiction of a friend in a photograph, and for excellence wants to align that annotation with the name of the person in the textual description of the photograph in his school yearbook.

The text description is provided in the alt text of the image element. Bianca is annotating a video. She associates his comments about linguistics with both the time range of the video, but also the accessible text transcription of the essays makes speeches. 2.2.7 Annotation Comparing Segments within a Publication. A user wishes to annotate two or more parts of on i love, a publication, embedded resources, or part of an embedded resource, in order to compare or contrast the targets. This may be to point out inconsistencies in me who the content or rendering, to make a note about two similar or related passages, or to link part of an embedded resource to where it is referenced in types styles the text. Craig is studying a book for an English class and highlights the on what makes me who sections where the author is talking about the age of a character, to replace teachers, demonstrate that the essays makes author is inconsistent. He makes the case in the comment that this is intentional. Dee highlights areas in charts within a scientific article that demonstrate a particular fact related to her own work. She comments with a personal note to this effect. 2.2.8 Annotation Comparing Segments between Publications.

A user wishes to for columbine techniques essay, annotate two or more parts of different publications in essays me who i am order to compare or contrast the targets. Writing For Excellence! This may be to make a note about two similar or related passages such as plagiarism, or to essays on what, link part of an embedded resource to where it is referenced elsewhere. For example, the user may wish to link appearances of the same character in multiple books, popular references to prior works, or examples of passages that contradict each other in scholarly literature. Enrique discovers three news articles about the same event which give very different accounts. He selects the disagreeing numbers given in each, and comments that he believes the lowest of the three and gives his rationale. Faith is linking the transcriptions of song lyrics, published in various anthologies, together based on obscure references to particular real world people. She tags the for excellence persuasive segments with the person's identity in Wikipedia. A user wishes to annotate a digital publication in one format and makes me who have the annotation appear for different representations of the same resource. For example, an annotation created on an EPUB should also be rendered on the equivalent PDF or HTML page. The annotation can be either on the publication level, or anchored to for excellence, a particular part of the text. Annotations on embedded resources (such as images) that are embedded without identity in alternate representations are not considered in scope, for on what example annotating a part of an image in an HTML page which is then embedded within the PDF representation of the a case essay page.

Gerard is on what i am, reading a book on motorsports that is published both online and reproduced as a PDF. A Walk Essay! He publishes an annotation about a span of text in the HTML version, and expects that it will appear in his tablet based reading platform after synchronization, where the same article is a PDF. Hailee reviews a scholarly article in a dedicated client on her computer, where the article is a print-ready PDF. The same review should be also linked to the article in the publisher's online HTML based system. A user wishes to annotate part of a publication for which she has multiple editions, or that is updated regularly, and makes me who have those annotations persist between versions of the same publication. If the publisher provides a new version of a publication, known to happen silently at of paper writing styles times for various reasons, then the annotations about the publication should be available on this new version rather than equally silently disappearing. As with any annotation that should be presented with more than just the resource it was created for, cross versioning allows for a wider audience and essays i am thus is a potential target for for columbine techniques essay spammers. Ichiro wishes to essays makes, annotate the first line of Hamlet in such a way that it should appear on all of the copies of the play that the user has access to, rather than just the particular version that was open when the annotation was created. Jacinta is a teacher who wishes to annotate a text book in such as way that her annotations are visible to short my mother, her students even though they do not have the exact same version, but instead have acquired it from different retailers. This use case is particularly challenging to solve in environments in which identifiers for the work, rather than the particular version, do not exist. A user wishes to associate a particular style with an annotation, either for essays on what makes i am the comment or the short essay love my mother delineation of the target of the annotation.

The style should include any rendering attributes available, such as background or text color, border color and other attributes, font size, and so forth. When colors or styles associated with annotations are meaningful to an individual, to a particular group, or just generally, a text label should be able to me who i am, be associated with the annotation drawn from a list of terms (taxonomy) or free text, in bowling techniques essay order to assist with accessbility. Ken draws a bounding box on an image of the night sky, and wishes to ensure that his client in essays me who i am the future will draw the box in bright green to stand out, and certainly not to a walk to remember review essay, draw it in the default black which would be unable to makes me who, be seen. Lynda highlights parts of a non-fiction text in my mother two colors that have meaning to essays, her; red strikethrough is statements that she disagrees with, and green background is for statements that she does agree with. These styles must be maintained for the highlights to be of any use in the future. 2.3.4 Maintaining Annotation Layout. A user wishes for their annotations to replace, be presented at a particular location on the page, such that the layout of the annotations doesn't interfere with the reading of the publication. For example, annotations could be styled as a particular height and width, and then put into the margins of the page or over top of other white space. Annotations could be visually ordered such that reading them in the presented order gave a better experience than reading them in the order of the targets within the publication.

Thirdly, the layout could be used for organization of thoughts concerning the publication by moving all of the on what related annotations together spatially. The location could be expressed as CSS absolute or relative positioning. Maurice is can computer, reading a fixed-layout work and positions his annotations above whitespace in the text with arrows to the character span that they refer to. By doing this, he means to ensure that they do not interfere with other consumers' reading of the content while still having his comments visible. Nadia is i am, a publisher and lays out the author's annotations on a novel in such a way that they aid the reader in understanding how the types styles author was thinking about essays makes i am his characters. She expects that the annotations will remain where they are placed, as this is for excellence persuasive essay, important to the user's experience. 2.3.5 Recording State of Changing, Online Resources. A user wishes to annotate the publication as it appears with dynamic resources in a particular state, or in terms of the web architecture, given a particular representation. Resources on the web may change their representation over time or may have multiple representations at the same time via content negotiation. The URI of the resource alone is thus not sufficient to determine the representation that was delivered to the annotator, and additional information such as the time of the request and the HTTP headers sent must be recorded.

Owen annotates an online travel publication that is frequently updated with the latest information, such as the prices of hotel rooms and the quality of restaurants in the area. Essays On What Makes I Am! He wants his annotation to be associated with the current state of the work, and not necessarily any future state. Petra is reading a book that dynamically embeds images via a service. The JPG format that is essay, used by a particular publication is rendered with too high a compression level, and it is hard to understand compared to the original PNG format. She thus wishes to comment only on the JPG that it is hard to see, rather than on the PNG which shares the same negotiable URI. 2.3.6 Recording State of User Manipulated Resources. A user wishes to annotate a publication with embedded, dynamic resources. Essays I Am! These resources are able to for columbine techniques, be manipulated by the user, rather than via the HTTP protocol or simple change over time.

Some number of manipulations must be performed in essays me who i am order for the target of the annotation to be visible or understandable, regardless of the accuracy of the description of the target segment. The consuming user agent should then be able to reproduce these manipulations in order to allow a third party to see the resource as annotated. Quinn is studying a publication that embeds a 3 dimensional model of a protein structure that can be rotated, panned and a walk to remember review zoomed. In one particular orientation a certain feature is easily visible, whereas from other viewpoints it is not. He wishes for his annotation on the feature to be displayed with that same view to make it easier for the consumer to understand. Ramona highlights some text in a page that is responsive to essays on what me who, user interactions and preferences. The text is a dynamic transcription of a medieval manuscript, where her options change how the abbreviations and a case for torture spelling are presented from either exactly how they appear on the page to what a modern reader would understand. She wishes to annotate the expanded text, as she thinks the essays me who i am editor has made a mistake with a particular revision. This use case is particularly challenging to solve in for columbine techniques essay the generic case rather than with media specific solutions. 2.3.7 Annotation has a Choice of Multiple, Dependent Bodies or Targets. A user wishes to annotate a publication or part thereof with multiple options for the body or target.

The options are thus dependent on each other, and only one of the options should be displayed to the user. Essays On What Makes! This might include translations of the same comment, alternative formats for the same content, and alternative URLs that all make the a walk movie review essay same content available. Solomon speaks both Japanese and English, and wishes to on what makes me who, provide translations of his comment in both languages. He teaches English as a foreign language in short essay Japan, and his students should be able to on what makes me who i am, choose whether to view it in one language or the other. Teynika annotates a paper that is types writing styles, published in multiple locations, however the representations are identical. One copy is in a subject based repository, the other in her institutional repository. She wishes to explicitly link both of the targets to ensure her annotation can be presented along with at least one copy of the me who paper from the most convenient location to the consumer. 2.3.8 Annotation has Multiple, Dynamically Defined Targets. A user wishes to target segments of a walk review, a resource that appear more than once in that resource, termed here a repeated segment. The user does not necessarily know the exact number of times the repeated segment appears in the resource; the interpretation of the essays on what makes me who i am annotation is understood to movie review, be independent of the number of instances of the repeated segment.

Ulrich, a copy editor, creates an annotation proposing a correction to replace all instances of the on what makes string pleaf'd with the string pleas'd. Essentially the a case for torture essay annotation is proposing a search and replace operation of the sort ubiquitous in modern word processing systems. Veronica, a manufacturer, wishes to essays makes me who i am, annotate all products of a certain class in his products database with a note that these items will go on sale next week for 15% off for 2 weeks only. 2.3.9 Determination of Annotation Validity after Target is Modified. A user annotates a publication with a correction to can computer replace teachers, the text. The publisher then acts upon this annotation to correct the mistake, or in the scholarly field potentially to retract the publication from the on what scientific record. After the correction has been made, the annotation no longer applies to the publication and hence should not be displayed. It may be important not to delete the a walk movie annotation, such that the user gets credit in some system for reporting the correction. Essays Me Who I Am! The system that maintains the annotation may not be connected to the system that publishes the publication, and hence might not be able to be updated. Wesley annotates a gaming manual with a correction as to essay, which controls are needed to perform a particular move.

The publisher re-issues a new copy of the manual after the correction has been made to avoid other users having the makes me who i am same frustration. Quinn's annotation should not appear on types, the new version. Xena annotates a typo in essays makes i am how her name is to remember movie review essay, spelt (two 'n's instead of one) in a book about the research in her field. Once the second 'n' has been removed, the essays makes me who i am annotation should be considered resolved and no longer displayed. This use case is particularly challenging to solve in the generic case rather than within specific systems that understand the for excellence essay motivation of the annotation and when it has been resolved.

2.3.10 Determination of Annotation Validity for Embedded Resources. A user annotates an embedded resource, such as an image, which is used in several places within a publication. The annotation is only valid, or relevant, when additional restrictions are in place and should not be displayed when those restrictions are not true. Yasir reads a publication in which the same headshot photograph is used for two different people and wants to annotate the essays on what makes me who i am photograph to say that it is wrong when used on page 1, but not have the annotation displayed when the photograph is used correctly on page 3. Zoe wishes to comment that a company logo should only for columbine be used in the header on makes me who, every page, but nowhere else. 2.4.1 Sets of Annotations for a Publication. A publisher has one or more sets of annotations about a publication and wishes to supply those annotations along with the publication. Alternatively, a user might wish to types, supply their own annotations as a set for essays makes me who other users.

These annotations could be comments by the author (in the same vein as DVD extras commentary), from famous readers, or simply pointers to writing for excellence essay, related works. Makes Me Who! In an education setting, this functionality could be used to provide additional commentaries on a text book or other publication that are intended to assist the student in understanding the material. The set(s) could also be sold separately as an upgrade package for the publication. The order of the annotations may be important, for example to read the publication in chronological rather than narrative order, or by following the order of a class lectures rather than the a walk to remember review order of the chapters in makes i am the text book. The metadata about the collection of annotations is also important, such as who packaged them together and for what purpose. Anya works for a publishing house and has transformed the author's commentary on their steampunk novel into a set of annotations for sale. The company wishes to have them available as an add-on for customers that have already bought the novel, and also in essay a bundle for new sales. Bob is a PhD student studying a famous detective story set in London. He works out essays on what me who i am a walking route that takes the writing for excellence essay user through all of the locations in the book in an optimal fashion, which is not the same order as the narrative, and wants to publish his annotations about the locations in that sequence. A user wishes to essays on what i am, save the annotation that they have created in order to retrieve it later, regardless of whether it is finished or not.

The Annotation should be given a unique and resolvable identifier. The user may wish to save the annotation in their own system, rather than the can computer teachers system which provides the essays on what me who resource being annotated. The user may equally wish to can computer replace, save the annotation in on what makes me who i am multiple systems. The annotation should persist in local storage if the user is movie essay, offline, and be persisted globally once the connection is re-established. Makes I Am! In the interim, a locally unique identifier should be assigned to short love my mother, the annotation. Multiple copies of the annotation should reference each other, if possible.

Catherine writes an annotation about an astronomy publication and wants to on what, save it both in her own system and remotely for others. Doug writes an annotation about Greek mythology which becomes popular and is syndicated widely across many systems after its initial publication online. The syndicated copies refer back to the original source, which he uses for essay credit towards promotion. 2.4.3 User or System Initiated Transfers between Systems. Either the user or the system requests that all or some subset of annotations that are maintained be transferred to another system. If the user requests it, then this enables an export functionality such that the user's annotations can be exported to another platform or device. If the system requests it, then this enables a synchronization functionality where the user's annotations will be maintained in multiple locations for ease of use and preservation, or aggregation for analysis. Both such cases should use the same mechanism. Eileen has two devices that are on the same network. The devices are set to synchronize her annotations whenever they detect each other. Makes Me Who I Am! Frank has written a lot of annotations on a plane trip while offline.

When he gets home, he manually requests that his device upload all of the writing for excellence persuasive essay annotations to a preferred server. 2.4.4 Annotation (or Part) is not Published Openly. A user wishes to keep their annotations or personal notes private, or only share with a small group of people such as a reading group, academic research group or only with a set of friends in essays on what makes me who a social network. Even if the techniques user wishes to keep their annotations private, the ability to essays on what makes i am, transfer the essay teachers annotations between devices is desirable, so that they be used regardless of the particular reading platform. The user may also wish to keep only some aspect of the annotation private, for on what me who example the comment should be protected, while the annotation graph can be shared openly, or vice versa. Regular web based authentication and authorization structures should be used to enable this functionality in an online environment to ensure interoperability. Gabby publishes her annotation on the effects of a particular pharmaceutical product in an authenticated environment in which only her and her colleagues can see it.

Hadrien publishes his annotation openly so that other systems can see the linkage between the resources, but the comment itself is protected by an authentication system and paywall. 2.4.5 Publication (or Part) is types styles, not Published Openly. A user wishes to essays on what makes i am, annotate a resource the she has access to, but requires authentication and/or authorization to view or annotate. The annotation should not circumvent or allow the circumvention of to remember movie essay, this DRM, for essays on what i am example by reproducing the content of the target publication. Isabelle annotates a closed access journal article that she has access to while at university. When she is travelling, she no longer has access to the article as the system uses the IP range of her institution to bowling for columbine techniques, determine availability. Jason works for on what makes the closed access journal publisher and is concerned that the annotation Elana made quotes some of the protected text, and if someone were to annotate the entire text, it would break their authorization model. 2.4.6 User is Notified when Annotations are Created.

A user wishes to for torture, be informed when a resource, or set of resources, is essays on what makes me who i am, annotated. They do not necessarily want to have the annotation sent to them, just be alerted to essay can computer replace teachers, the existence of makes me who, new annotations. The notification should be pushed to the user's agent, rather than requiring active participation on the user's behalf. Katelynn is a walk essay, a reporter for a newspaper, and wishes to keep track of on what makes me who i am, when her articles are commented on so that she can either update the content or reply to discussion. Luke is interested in a topic in a wiki, and wants to be notified whenever another user comments on the pages so he can ensure his knowledge is up to date. 2.5 Accessibility and styles Internationalization. 2.5.1 Using Annotation for Contributing Accessibility Information.

An annotation provider (personal or retailer) wishes to provide annotations that give additional information about resources for the purposes of accessibility. Mary annotates an image with an audio file that records her description of the image. This audio file can then simply be played by a user agent to a visually impaired user. Nathan annotates the text transcription of a segment of video to the appropriate place in on what me who i am the video stream. The transcription can be displayed to someone unable to on i love my mother, hear the essays on what makes me who i am audio part of the video, or when the movie user agent does not have sound capability.

Users need to easily become aware of and find highlights or annotations, particularly when using a screen reader, a small screen, or seeking sparse annotations in a lengthy work. Olga is reading a long work about warfare that is not heavily annotated. Essays Me Who I Am! She wishes to skip ahead to types styles, the next interesting section, and thus needs to essays makes, have some way to visualize the location of the annotations that others have made on the work. Pedro is using a screen reader, and wishes to have the option to listen to the annotations when they are available or to skip past them. Whenever the system encounters an annotation it gives an audio clue that tapping the screen will prompt the a walk to remember device to pause reading to convey the essays content of the types writing styles annotation. 2.5.3 Using Annotation for Contributing Internationalization Information. A user wishes to essays makes me who i am, provide internationalization information for a document that they don't control, such as a translation for a particularly complex phrase, or whether automated translation systems should explicitly not translate a given phrase. Questa has implemented a machine translation system that generates reliable Dutch translations and has it scheduled to run on commonly updated English-language sites, before publishing to a well-known annotation server in the Netherlands. Reece is a scholar in Ancient Greek, and routinely provides translations for online texts when they have been transcribed from museum objects.

He wishes to make his translations available to both the museums and anyone who visits their online exhibitions. The following requirements are summarized from the use cases presented above.

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essay on murree Pakistan - Murree Hills. A land of Greatest Mountains Colorful Culture - A Complete Guide to Pakistan. Murree is a popular hill station and a summer resort in Pakistan, Murree is specially for the residents of Islamabad. Murree is also visited as one of the most favourite destination for Pakistani tourists in Sumer and during snowfall of winter. Murree is located along Islamabad-Kohala highway N75, some 30 km (19 mi) northeast of essays me who i am Islamabad. The name Murree is derived from 'marhi', high place although there is a popular belief it was named after the virgin Mary during the British times. It is situated on the southern slopes of the Western Himalayan foothills as they ascend to the northeast towards Kashmir.

During British Rule in the nineteenth century, its altitude was established at for columbine techniques essay 7,000 feet (2,100 m), but its actual altitude has now been determined as 2,300 m (7,500 ft) above sea level. Murree is accessible by road from the centre of the Islamabad and essays on what makes i am, Rawalpindi areas. It is still associated with Britain; many British fruits (including cherries, raspberries and strawberries) thrive locally. There is a church, built in 1857, located at the centre of the town, which is still used as a place of worship. Many houses around the movie essay, church are still standing, functioning mostly as hotels. Makes I Am! Old traditional restaurants have been replaced by fast food shops and newer restaurants. Murree has expanded since 1947 at a rate much greater than that which its infrastructure can sustain. Securing water and electricity has been a constant challenge. The jam-packed bazaar has caught fire a number of times in the last century, and the growth of tourism and a construction boom have had an adverse effect on the local environment. Murree, aftermath of fire in 1875. A 19th century post officeMurree was founded in 1851 by the Governor of Punjab, Sir Henry Lawrence, and was originally established for the British troops garrisoned on the Afghan frontier[4] as a sanatorium.

The permanent town of Murree was constructed at Sunnybank in 1853. The church was sanctified in May 1857, and the main road, Jinnah Road, formerly known as The Mall (and still commonly referred to as), was built. The most significant commercial establishments, the Post Office, general merchants with European goods, tailors and bowling for columbine essay, a millinery, were established opposite me who the church. Of Paper Writing! Until 1947, access to Jinnah Road was restricted for natives (non-Europeans). Until 1876, Murree was the summer headquarters of the Punjab local government; after 1876 the headquarters were moved to Simla.[5] The railway connection with Lahore, the capital of the on what makes, Punjab Province, made Murree a popular resort for Punjab officials, and a walk to remember movie review essay, the villas and other houses erected for the accommodation of English families gave it a European aspect. It was described in the Gazetteer of Rawalpindi District, 1893–94 as follows: The sanatorium of Murree lied in north latitude 33° 54? 30? and makes me who, east longitude 73° 26? 30?, at an elevation of 7,517 feet (2,291 m) above sea level, and contained a standing population of movie essay 1,768 inhabitants, which was, however, enormously increased during the [May-November] season by the influx of visitors and their attendant servants and shopkeepers. It is the most accessible hill station in the Punjab, being distant from Rawalpindi only a five hours' journey by tonga dak. Magnificent views are to be obtained in the spring and me who, autumn of the snow crowned mountains of Kashmir; and a walk to remember movie, gorgeous sunset and cloud effects seen daily during the rains [July-August]. Part of the station, especially the Kashmir end, are also well wooded and pretty.[4] Murree also can boast of a world-class educational establishment: the *Lawrence School, Ghora Gali.

In 1901 the population of the town was officially 1844, although if summer visitors had been included this could have been as high as 10,000. In the hot season it was the headquarters of the on what i am, Lieutenant General of the Northern Command. The Commissioner of the Rawalpindi Division and the Deputy-Commissioner of movie Rawalpindi also resided here during part of the makes i am, hot season, for persuasive, which period an Assistant Commissioner was placed in charge of the subdivision consisting of Murree Tehsil. The site was selected in 1850 almost immediately after the annexation of the Province, and on what, building operations commenced at once. In 1851 temporary accommodation was provided for a detachment of writing persuasive essay troops; and in makes 1853 permanent barracks were erected. For Torture Essay! The garrison generally consisted of three mountain batteries. In 1873, 1874, and 1875 Murree was the summer headquarters of the Punjab Government. It was connected with Rawalpindi town by a service of tongas. The houses crown the summit and sides of an irregular ridge, commanding magnificent views over forest-clad hill-sides into essays on what i am deep valleys studded with villages and cultivated fields. The neighbouring hills were covered during the summer with encampments of British troops, while the station itself is filled with European visitors from the plains and travellers to Kashmir.

A fine view of the of paper writing, snowy peaks of Kashmir is to be had on a clear day, and the crest of Nanga Parbat (26,182 feet (7,980 m)) can sometimes be seen. The municipality was created in essays on what makes me who i am 1850. The income during the ten years ending 1902–3 averaged Rs. 49,500, and the expenditure Rs. 48,200. In 1903–4 the income and expenditure were Rs. 5r,400, chiefly from octroi, and Rs. 54,400 respectively. The income and expenditure of cantonment funds averaged Rs. 10,000 between 1893 and 1903. The chief educational institutions are the Lawrence Military Asylum for soldiers' children, and the St.

Denys' and Convent English schools for girls. Bowling Essay! The station contains the Lady Roberts Home for invalid officers and a branch of the Alliance Bank of Simla. The Murree Brewery was the only industrial concern of any importance. Dark and Cloudy Murree Landscape[edit] 1857 War of Independence. See also: 1857 War of Independence in essays Murree.

In the summer of 1857, the local tribes of Murree and bowling essay, Hazara, including the Dhond Abbasi and Tanoli, planned to attack the British Army. The campaign was led by the chief of the Dhond Abbasi tribe, Sardar Sherbaz Khan, and by Malik Nawab Bahadur Khan of the Tanoli tribe. They fought respectably against the British Army, giving the British considerable difficulties. The British Army eventually signed an agreement with the local Abbasi tribe, which was refused by the Tanoli tribe, thereby dividing the opposition to on what i am the British. The British Army later ignored the agreement to take control of Murree again. After the British forces' occupation of Murree and for torture, Abbottabad, many English soldiers and administrators opted to spend the summers there because of the cooler climate. Essays Makes I Am! The British settled in and raised families.

Some prominent people who were born here include: Bruce Bairnsfather - a famous cartoonist during world War I. Francis Younghusband - an army officer and a walk to remember, explorer. He established the Bible Society in the Christian High School in Geryal Murree. The society did in depth research into the local languages. This society translated a chapter of makes me who new testament book Loqas in Dhondi that was noted by a case for torture essay the compilers of the Linguistic Survey Of India.[8] Reginald Dyer - officer responsible for the Amritsar Massacre. Bhurban is celebrated as one of the only resort areas of the country where there is a 5 star hotel built by Pakistan Services Limited, the Pearl Continental Hotel. Bhurban is only 9 Kilometers from i am Murree and practically it can be called as an area of Murree.

Murre to Nathiagali Nathiagali to Abbottabad (Tour Excursion) Nathiagali the essay, famous resort area is only 45 minutes from Murree. The descent on the Nathia Gali - Abbottabad road leads to the city of Abbottabad right under the essays on what makes me who, Murree hills. Abbottabad, a popular summer resort in the midst of spacious valleys, is surrounded by green hills and is a pretty large city and is located at types of paper a distance of 116 km from Rawalpindi and 217 km from Peshawar if you follow the MAIN road. It can get pretty hot in summers and pretty cold in essays makes me who i am winters but the temperature range stays bearable. It may feel hot in the sun but its cool in the shade. Surrounded by high hills, Abbottabad is named after its first British Commissioner Sir James Abbott.

It still has a very British air. The Cantonment area of Abbottabad is still very British. The European bungalows, the types, club, the churches and the cemeteries are still there. Lots of greenery in Abbottabad, beautiful trees and nice gardens. There is a main road which is the centre of activity (I think its called the Mall). The good hotels are SpringField, Sarban and others. Abbottabad is famous for its golf courses.

Take a visit. Also see Shimla Hill View Point, Illayasi Mosque with a natural water spring and there is a pool nearby which I think carries crocodiles. The place has beautiful gardens like; Jinnah Garden, Ladies Garden etc maintained by the local Cantonment Board. The splendid stretch of turf promises plenty of room for polo, football, hockey and golf. At the back of the station towards the west is the Brigade Center, which is an ideal place ideal for walks and picnic. Essays Me Who! Nice place to stay If you're coming from Lahore to visit the North. The Nathiagali region serves as home to all kinds of wildlife; various species of birds, insects, butterflies and animals.

Unlike the crows of the southern cities of Pakistan, you will find ravens in areas like Nathiagali. Visitors are advised to essay replace teachers sun their bedding on arrival to get rid of bed-bugs, and to keep repellants and pesticides for insects as these have a tendency to show up a lot, especially in old homes, and in the monsoon season. Horses are a common sight during summer months and on what makes me who i am, are offered to children and adults alike for rides at types of paper writing rates that are often negotiable. Monkeys are aplenty, previously known to be a little shy, they have reportedly become more aggressive in recent years, some say this due to increased abuse suffered at the hands of tourists, who often tease these monkeys or try to steal them. Monkeys often come up to guesthouses and essays i am, hotels in search of a walk snacks and can be quite noisy and playful. The World Wildlife Federation has an makes i am office in short love my mother the Galiaath, in recent years, this organisation assisted in the breeding of essays me who a certain type of leopard in the Black Forest right by Dungagali and Nathiagali, this area was thought to types writing styles be a perfect habitat for such creatures, but according to on what me who i am local reports they frequently come out of the forest to steal cattle of essay local villagers.

One such cat had to be shot. Essays On What I Am! Packs of techniques essay pie-dogs which were previously considered to makes me who be a night-time menace can no longer be seen anywhere in the Galiaath, it is thought that most have been killed and consumed by the newly bred leopards. Love My Mother! In the summer of essays on what 2006, a large number of women were found dead in the deep valleys of Galiath with wounds showing that they were killed, soon, a large leopard was caught which was believed to be the culprit of all cases, he was kept in essay on i my mother captivity but was eventually shot as a result of his aggression, his body has been stuffed and kept in the Dhunga Gali Wildlife Museum, the museum owners named him the Ghost of Galiath. On What Me Who! These leopards are rarely spotted. However, a pet dog or animal is very likely to be grabbed by the cats at night, and if any such pets are brought to Nathiagali they must be kept indoors to avoid this. Thandiani means cold in the local language. Its around about 1 hour and 30 minutes on a good decent road. Its rises steeply at some places. Techniques Essay! It is 2700 meters above sea level on a small plateau surrounded by pine forests. This beautiful spot can easily be approached from Abbottabad, which is 24 km away. Essays Makes! It is totally unspoiled and has the loveliest of views of all the hill stations of Pakistan.

The scenery here is breathtaking and superb. It is a case for torture, pretty high. Just a few kilometres into the road and you start gaining height quickly. One place on the road offers a stunning view of Abbottabad city. Essays On What Makes I Am! Thandiani is not located in the Galliat Range but some other range. Beautiful trees on the way and also a few small caves which are probably home for the wildlife. Thandiani was discovered by styles the British but was later neglected and essays on what makes me who, was only rediscovered as a hill station recently so it is completely unspoiled. There are few shops at Thandiani and only one basic guesthouse (no big expectations!). It only gets cold about 2 km before Thandiani.

There is also a Pakistan Television Booster at for torture essay the top and a Pak Air-Force Radar (No Photographs). But the beauty of this area is its views. Stunning views of essays on what i am all the areas around this region. Views of the Galliat Range, Hazara Region, Swat Forests, Chitral region and that of Abbottabad itself. Heard the persuasive essay, dawn was beautiful but didn't stay at the guesthouse though. Also heard it gets real cold at night even in summers almost below 0 C. Lots of makes me who greenery and a case for torture essay, some beautiful rocks on the ground. There is also a road at the top which seems to on what makes go straight into types writing styles the sky when you first enter Thandiani but it gives wonderful views. Essays Makes Me Who I Am! Must visit place! Miran Jani is the for torture, highest point in the Galliat Range at about 2867 m. It is essays on what me who i am, a very scenic trek to Miran Jani Top which offers wonderful views of the writing, pine forests and hills surrounding the region. The trail to Miran Jani is just behind the Governor's House. You can book horses from makes i am Nathia Gali if you dont want to a walk to remember review go there by foot.

Dungagali is a picturesque small resort situated on the slopes of the Mukshpuri hill (2376 m.). On What Me Who! It commands a charming view of a series of wooded spurs projecting towards the river Jhelum on the western side. From Dungagali one can climb the essay can computer replace, 2813 m peak of Mukhshpuri, which is the highest point in the range. Natural springs abound on essays on what i am the slopes. It is 30 km from Murree. There are nice hotels available too. Travel Culture Services (Pvt.) Limited Pakistan. Advertise on this site click for advertising rates. Dubai Travel Culture Offerring Tours, Desert Safaris and hotels in Dubai. Sri-Lanka Tours Our Colombo office operating tours in Sri Lanka. Qatar Travel Culture Tours and travel information about Qatar.

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